Parallel Control Systems - Industrial Automation

At Parallel Control Systems, we have many years' experience in a range of industry sectors, including process plant, factory automation, bulk & material handling, automated robotic cells, water & wastewater control and much more.

We can provide automation software solutions for a variety of PLC, HMI & SCADA manufacturers - Rockwell, Siemens, OMRON, Mitsubishi amongst others.

We believe our successful project handovers are the end result of relevant experience, hard work, a professional attitude and great customer relationships. Once we fully understand your requirements we are well suited to engineer an appropriate solution.

Our systems are fully tested at multiple stages throughout the project, in order to guarantee they meet the project requirements. ensuring you can be confident the system will work on-site as intended

If you are looking for information or advice, or simply want to discuss an upcoming project then why not CONTACT US and see how we can help.

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